At the first men's basketball game of the 2021 season, Texas Tech University welcomed their new head football coach, Joey McGuire.

McGuire was announced as the new head coach of Texas Tech football on Monday, November 9th. He was previously an associate coach for Baylor, and the Red Raiders are welcoming him with open arms.

The turnaround was fast after Matt Wells was fired only two weeks ago, but McGuire is ready to take on his new role with Texas Tech, his first game in Lubbock being this Saturday, November 13th. Although McGuire has officially left Baylor and joined the Red Raider family, offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie will continue his role as the interim coach for the rest of this season.

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It was an amazing sight to see Coach McGuire at the basketball game last night. You could tell how happy he is to be a part of the family, and the crowd was excited to see him as well. He started his introduction by leading a "Raider! Power!" chant before reassuring the fans that he's one of us and that he's incredibly proud to be a part of Texas Tech.

His final words had the entire stadium cheering. He said, "It's a great day to wear the red and black. It's a great day to be a Red Raider," before ending his speech with one final "Raider! Power!"

You could feel the excitement of the fans as they gained some hope for the future of our football team.

Only time will tell, but with McGuire's experience and skill, we can only hope that it will bring our football team to victory in the coming years.

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