It was a roller coaster of news yesterday for the Texas Tech football team, as they had a defensive back transfer out, a receiver transfer in and a receiver announce an injury.

We'll start with the bad news first.

The first bit of bad news is an injury as early enrollee Sterling Galban, who announced on his Twitter account that he does indeed have a torn ACL.

While that stunts his development on the field, Galban was likely headed for a red shirt season anyways, and now he can use this year as an opportunity to get bigger and stronger. It's a bummer for Galban, but there's a pretty obvious silver lining here that outweighs the bad news. Best of luck to Galban and his recovery.

The second bit of bad news is that defensive back Abraham Wallace is transferring out of Texas Tech. Not to diminish Mr. Wallace, but he has already transferred once in his career (from LSU to Texas Tech), and he doesn't even have a bio on the Texas Tech online roster.

This isn't a big loss for Texas Tech on paper, but depth will always be an issue when you have limited scholarships. The school will now probably try to add a body to fall camp in the secondary. Whether that's a walk-on or a transfer, only time will tell.

The good news tidbit of yesterday's new cycle is that Seth Collins will be joining the Red Raiders football team and has been granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA, which means he can play in 2018 and not have to sit a season out.

Collins is a dynamic play-maker who played QB as a freshman and receiver as a sophomore and junior before losing his junior season to injury and some odd legal troubles, which I'm assuming is part of why he's been granted the immediate eligibility.

The strange departure from Oregon State leaves some questions for Collins, who originally wanted to transfer from Oregon State after his Freshman season after being moved from quarterback to receiver. He ultimately stayed at receiver and was a thrill ride while he was on the field. The injury history and assault citation don't mean he's going to be a problem for Texas Tech. Collins can get a brand new start in a more exciting offense than what Oregon State produces.

Though there has been no official word from the university, Collins, who is 6'3" and almost 200 pounds, will be classified as a Junior and will come to Texas Tech with an opportunity to make immediate impact as a an inside receiver, a position where he played 10 games as a sophomore, notching 36 catches for 488 yards. He wore number 22 as a receiver, and number 4 as a quarterback at Oregon State.

You might be thinking Kliff Kingsbury is trying to pull a fast one on everybody and will move Collins back to quarterback. But that's highly unlikely, despite there being a long line of ex-quarterbacks to have success as receivers in the Air Raid system. Michael Crabtree comes to mind.

Maybe a Wild Raider formation is on its way back to Texas Tech?

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