Exactly one year ago today, then-Texas Tech Men's basketball Head Coach Chris Beard and UT Athletics Director Chris Del Conte met at a McDonald's in Plainview, Texas to finalize their dastardly plan for Beard to defect from Lubbock and become a Longhorn again.

A few days after the secret meeting, Del Conte and Beard had an introductory press conference where Del Conte detailed the meeting that landed Chris Beard. Later that same day, he tweeted this crumpled receipt as proof of their shadowy meeting:

After the meeting, Beard built a roster at Texas that had national media frothing at the mouth. Widely regarded as the most talented transfer class in the country, the Longhorns were ranked 5th in the preseason AP poll. The Longhorns did not finish at 5th in the nation however, and they didn't beat Texas Tech.

They did win a tournament game for the first time in nearly a decade, so that's good.

Fast forward to today, April 1st, 2022, a year to the day after the original McDonald's rendezvous, a Red Raider made sure Texas AD Del Conte started his day off right.

I'm not saying that Texas Tech fans are petty, but an Uber Eats order 340 miles away to a person you've never met is definitely something.

I reached out to @Lubbockist and he wasn't sure if Del Conte actually received the order, but at least the AD realized the greatness and sent a note of appreciation on Twitter saying he enjoyed the Lubbock hospitality.

This is the perfect April Fool's Day prank. Perfect execution. Nobody was hurt. And the victim gets an Egg McMuffin. Epic.

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