I'm an open critic of Under Armour's agreement with Texas Tech. Nothing is inherently wrong with the brand, but I think there are bigger and better brands for the University. That doesn't ring any louder than when Texas Tech basketball is in the mix. UA is notoriously bad with basketball shoes, but they are elite when it comes to throwbacks.

I can't deny it, Under Armour makes incredible throwbacks.

The football throwbacks to the Zach Thomas and Jim Carlen Era's were pretty much perfect in every way with many fans preferring them to the regular uniforms the team has worn with minimal change since around 2016.

Not only does Under Armour do a great football throwback, but the Basketball alternates have also been just as clean. Like this one from the late '90s.

Arkansas State v Texas Tech
(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

Or this one from the late '80s or early '90s. Just immaculate.

Kylee Morris, kkam.com
Kylee Morris, kkam.com

That brings us to Tuesday's game on the 1st of February. That certainly has a big game feel to it, doesn't it? Adams vs Beard. Texas Tech vs Texas. Old coach vs former players. The build-up has been incredible from the fanbase, and they are being matched by these incredible throwback uniforms to the Andre Emmett Era.

Emmett is arguably the best player in Texas Tech basketball's rich history of great players. Emmett was a huge inspiration to many and lives on after an untimely death by way of Memorial Courts across the country that give kids a place to play the game he loved.

Number 14 has been honored several times by Texas Tech over the years, but this will be special because his look will be on the court. Hopefully that means some of the Texas Tech players will play like Andre in his honor.

The black uniforms also come with a blackout for the fans in attendance. So if you're heading to the United Supermarkets Arena on Tuesday be sure to wear black to support the cause.

And if you want to blackout your profile picture on Twitter to join the movement, ask The GamblinGauchos for help. If you haven't heard of the movement, Texas Tech Twitter is overrun with people going black and white on their profile pictures to show support for Texas Tech and the blackout on Tuesday. It's been pretty amazing. Even Joey McGuire, the head football coach, has put on his best black and white.

It takes a village.

The Recent History of Under Armour and Texas Tech's Throwbacks

The Red Raiders have been wearing Under Armour throwback uniforms since 2014 when they debuted against Arkansas. The Red Raiders are 4-5 in the throwbacks with various combinations used in the past eight seasons. They've also excelled at showing the throwback savvy in Basketball in recent seasons.

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