The Texas Tech Basketball team is currently in the Bahamas for a preseason tour that includes three games against a team from the Bahamas and a Serbian team. If you have an extra $30 laying around you can sign up at to watch the team live.

The team isn't just playing games and working on team chemistry, they are also giving back to the community and playing basketball in a park with some local kids. I don't know that the outing was preplanned but it turned into a small basketball camp with Beard's team playing right alongside these kids.

Here's Chris Clarke getting bodied with a sick step-back jumper.

They ended the experience with some dancing in the rain.

What a great experience for these young dudes playing with these Texas Tech athletes and a perfect reminder for these new Texas Tech players to realize that wherever you go, you're being watched and are a role model. Coaches everywhere like to remind their players that they aren't just representing themselves, or their parents, they are representing the logo on their chest and Red Raider Nation.

I can hear Chris Beard right now from his perch at the front of the bus reminding his team every time they stop.


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