The Texas Tech Red Raider baseball team set a record this week with seven players drafted on the second day of the Major League Baseball draft. Day three saw two more Red Raiders fly off the board. In total, nine Red Raiders were drafted which tied Arkansas for second-most among schools to have players selected in the draft.

The Red Raiders waited until round four today to hear a teammates name, but after Cal Conley was chosen by the Atlanta Braves the Red Raiders were off to the races. Conley went with the 126th overall pick followed closely by Dru Baker getting selected by the Tampa Bay Rays at pick 130.

Braxton was next in the sixth round going to the Rockies before Mason Montgomery joined Baker in the Rays organization at pick 191. Reliever Ryan Sublette was drafted by the Dodgers in the 7th round and both Hunter Dobbins and Patrick Monteverde were selected in the 8th round by the Red Sox and Marlins respectively.

On day three, Brandon Birdsell and Dylan Neuse were both selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 11th and 17th rounds.

Now, just because nine Red Raiders were drafted, that doesn't mean 9 Red Raiders will join the minor leagues. It could be more, it could be less. If everyone signs with the team that drafts them, which they don't have to do, and a free agent deal or two gets struck you're all of a sudden looking at double-digit players leaving to the professional leagues along with the 10 players looking to transfer out.

Of course, players like Hunter Dobbins and Brandon Birdsell could return to Texas Tech after injury and help their draft stock immensely to boost their signing bonus considerably. If Dobbins pitched well enough with his 98 MPH fastball at Texas Tech next year to work into the top five rounds he could potentially double his signing bonus.

Noticeably missing from the MLB draft selections was brand new Aggie Micah Dallas who was not selected in the 20 rounds of the draft, which means he will indeed become a Texas A&M baseball player.

The 9 Red Raiders Drafted in the 2021 MLB Draft

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