The seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise came to a close last week. As usual, the show was full of drama, all in the hopes that some of the cast comes out of the experience engaged.

This spin-off of the original show, The Bachelor, is a fan favorite and has proven to be very successful for many of its participants. In the true nature of reality television, there are ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected things that are going to happen.

One of the biggest twists of this year's season of the Bachelor in Paradise happened towards the very end of the show.

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Ivan Hall, who graduated from Texas Tech University in 2015, had a tough time finding love while in paradise. Nothing seemed to be going right for him, so when a large storm forced the entire cast to evacuate the beach and stay in a hotel, things took a turn.

The participants were assigned rooms with one other cast member and were not allowed to go around to anyone else's rooms. The producers did this in order to maintain fairness between all of the participants for when they were able to continue filming.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as the produces planned.

Apparently, Hall saw a producer's phone, which had a list of the cast members and what rooms they were staying at in the hotel. Due to him not having a romantic connection and fearing that he would be sent home during the next rose ceremony, Hall decided to break the rules.

Hall had a girl in mind that he was really hoping would show up in paradise: Alexa Caves.

He saw her name on the producer's phone, along with the room she was staying in, so he decided to go see her. Of course, the producers found out about this, despite his roommate (Noah Erb) saying he didn’t know Hall left the room that night. This led to Hall being confronted once the cast returned to the beach, and he was removed from the show.

I was bummed about this, because I wanted to see a fellow Red Raider find love on the show, but Hall definitely shouldn’t have broken the rules like that.

Fortunately, he's been a good sport about the whole situation. He even went to the extent of mocking himself on his own TikTok account:

Maybe someday we will see another Texas Tech alumnus or Lubbock native on one of The Bachelor Nation’s shows who will actually be able to find love.

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