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A Texas Redditor posted a panoramic photo of his local store's salsa selection. It is a lot of salsa, and I can tell from the shelf tags that its a United, Market Street or Amigos. Yum!

In some other state, folks may have commented "neat' and moved on, but here in Texas, we take salsa super seriously. The post has over 300 comments, mostly of folks debating which salsas shown on the shelf are worthy or not.

Of course the bottom row of Pace is getting absolutely dragged to hell and back. "Get a rope" indeed. I once ordered nachos at a local restaurant here in Lubbock that served them to me with Pace. I was so offended I never went back. But someone must be buying it for the store to carry it. I'm assuming it is non-native Texans in order to sleep tonight.

Another oft-mentioned salsa is the Herdez Guacamole Salsa, which neither tastes like nor resembles guacamole, but I have to agree with the commentor that insisted that no one sleep on it. Its creamy, spicy and absolutely delicious. Then again, every single hot sauce/ salsa I've ever tried from Herdez has been unique and amazingly tasty.

Mateos is controversial, with some for it and others saying it has an "off" taste. I have never tried it and can neither confirm nor deny. Miss Renfro's is universally loved, myself included.

Kylitos is also really popular, especially with me, that roasted flavor is fire in more ways than one. And it's from my hometown of Lubbock- I am so proud!

There's tons more debate on the original Reddit post, if you'd like to get your two cents in. I just really admire the passion Texans have when it comes to our official State Snack. I don't mean that as a metaphor, chips and salsa is literally the official state snack of Texas.

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