Sometimes, we see stories that we know are full of bull. This one, literally.

The Lubbock Police Department responded to a call in the Cooper Ridge area of a stray bull that had gotten loose and decided to go for a stroll.

According to the LPD Facebook page, the bull was safely escorted home after its owners were located.

In the comments of the Facebook story, the Lubbock Police also uploaded a video of the bull stopping to munch on a neighbors front yard decoration, after which, the bull was safely transported home.

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Of course, the real comedy is in the comment section of the Facebook post. For example:

"Are there any officers that stayed on the full 8 seconds?" -- Brian Kramer

"Since restrictions have been lifted he felt comfortable finally going out to eat with his mask off. -- Jamie Sue Ellis

"Hopefully y’all were able to STEER this juvenile in the right direction." -- Nathan Duzan

"Was it for a MOOO-ving violation?" -- Becky Massingill

"Police are bullishness on crime." -- Mary Reigner Presley

And, our favorite comment of all goes to Kelli Wright, who wrote:

Bad boys bad boys
Whatcha gonna moo when they come for you
Bad boys bad boys...

Slow clap, Kelli. Slow clap...


You can safely say that there really isn't anything that Lubbock police officers can't handle. However, this may reinforce the reputation that Lubbock has of being a real "cow town." Although in hindsight, is that the best insult of Lubbock that the world can come up with?

Kudos to our brave men and women who serve and protect us every day. It's not an easy job, and sometimes...they deal with a lot of bull.

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