In early January, the Texas Tech Lady Raiders beat a ranked Texas Longhorns team in Austin. That was a big deal for the Lady Raiders, who hadn't accomplished that feat often over the years, but it was the halftime dustup between head coaches Vic Schaefer and Krista Gerlich that stole the headlines the next day.

Long story short, the Lady Raiders came out in the second half and the Texas Longhorns staff at the table informed Coach Gerlich that a wrong lineup was turned in. There was a brief moment of confusion and then the Lady Raiders were in the process of correcting the problem when Schaefer interrupted the proceedings in an aggressive manner.

After the game in January, Schaefer would hammer Gerlich and her staff in his postgame conference, while Gerlich responded to the situation with class. Then, after hearing Schaefer's comments, Gerlich shot back in two separate instances.

Fast forward to Wednesday night, February 9th, when Schaefer made the game about himself yet again.

The 16th ranked Longhorns would defeat the unranked Lady Raiders 61-56 in a game that was close until the final minute. It was a tough and aggressive game between two teams that seemingly didn't have any lost love between them. That was even more evident when Coach Schaefer, for lack of a better word, freaked out after the handshake line following the game.

You can see the video of the dustup below, along with Austin American-Statesman sports writer Brian Davis saying that the incident all stems from the Lady Raiders staff being big meanies to the scorer's table in Austin.

Neither coach went into depth following the altercation, but from what I can tell Schaefer is upset because someone didn't shake his hand the right way. Schaefer first confronts an assistant on his way back to the court, then points to another assistant, JC Carter, who takes a step toward Schaefer to see what the problem is.

That's when Schaefer points aggressively at the Texas Tech contingent and airs his complaint while being physically restrained by his players.

Wild scene.

To put the emphasis back on the players and not the Longhorns' clown coach, here are the best photos from the night from Talk 1340's incredible photographer, Paul Roberts.

Texas Longhorns Beat Lady Raiders in Lubbock

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