Wednesday’s marathon session for the Texas House ended after Midnight on Thursday (March 28) and it resulted in the House passing their version of HB 1, the budget for the next biennium.

The vote was 149-0 and it’s a $251 billion dollar budget that according to one report increases state spending by 16 percent. 226 amendments were considered for the bill, pushing the debate and discussion concerning the budget over 12 hours in length.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen told the Tribune, and other assembled reporters, "I’m not here to compare it to previous sessions. But I’m here to tell you we had a great tone and tenor tonight, and I’m very proud of the business that we did."


The Texas Tribune notes in the House budget bill, an additional $9 billion in spending for public education and property tax relief. Plus, $2 billion would be spent from the state’s Rainy Day Fund as part of the overall budget. The Texas Senate will begin their consideration of HB 1 next week.

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