A high school team in Texas pulled off one of the most amazing onside kicks you'll ever see. Watch as the other team is completely fooled by this epic trick play.

Hebron High School, in Carrollton, Texas, were kicking off to Allen High School when they decided to try an onside kick. In what looked like a routine onside kick turned in to one that will be talked about for a long time.

As Hebron lined up for the kick, 10 of their players huddled in the middle of the field. What the other team didn't notice, was that the 11th player stayed close the sidelines to get ready to surprise Allen. The ball is kicked, and, as you can see in the video (above), the unnoticed player runs down field and recovers the onside kick.

Unfortunately for Hebron, that was pretty much the highlight of the game for them, as they ended up losing badly to Allen 44-10. But, the team can at least have some bragging rights for pulling off one of the most epic onside kicks you'll ever see.

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