Somebody needs a reminder that you "Don't Mess With Texas," especially criminals in Pearland, a city in the Houston Metro area.

A video from the Pearland Police Department (below) shows scary footage from a residential doorbell camera.

Two men appear at a home wearing face masks and shirts donning the word "POLICE" on the back and "D.E.A." on the front. One of them bangs on the door yelling "DEA," though the footage doesn't show either of them trying to use the doorbell.

According to KPRC in Houston: "When a person inside the home told the men that the police had been called, the men left the scene in an older, black Chevrolet SUV (possibly a Suburban or Tahoe) with paper plates, according to police."

Police were not able to find the men after searching the area and are asking for help in finding the suspects.

This is one good example of why it's important to check before you open your door to someone you do not know. If someone acting on behalf of law enforcement shows up, you can ask for identification to be presented before you open the door. A legit officer of the law will be happy to show you their credentials. If identification is not produced to your satisfaction you are encouraged to call local police to assist, but do not open the door!

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