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Which Big 12 Underclassmen Will Stay in the NBA Draft?
The NBA Draft deadline for early entrants has arrived and with the deadline's arrival comes lots of news. There are several early entrants that have made the decision to either stay in the draft for a shot at the big time or return to school for another season...
Describing Jarrett Culver's Fit on NBA Teams With GIFs
Jarrett Culver is going to be selected in the NBA Draft in just over a month and the former Red Raider is getting some major hype as a top 14 pick also known as a lottery pick.
I'm going to make this as simple as possible and match a GIF and so I can answer this one question, "How …
Texas Tech Guard Gets on Top 50 NBA Draft Prospect List
Bleacher Report has listed out their top 50 list of 'Draft Worthy' prospects and Jarrett Culver lands on the list at a respectable 16th.
Here is the write-up from the list:
An athletic 6'5" 2-guard, Culver was an efficient spot-up scorer, knocking down 4…

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