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Taco Villa is West Texas/Eastern New Mexico for "food perfection." Everyone I know who is stupid enough to move away ends up begging for someone to overnight them a bean burrito from the Villa. (You shouldn't have left, you fool!)

It makes perfect sense that a gentleman of good taste requested a Taco Villa cake for his birthday. And Margarita Juarez of Jal, New Mexico absolutely nailed it. It's so amazing. 

Some of my favorite parts of the cake are the marshmallow taco sauce cups (so iconic) and the tomatoes that I highly suspect are made from Starburst candies. The chips are so well done, and the nacho cheese is almost unsettling in its accuracy.

In response to her now very viral cake, Margarita is so sweet and humble on her Facebook page, writing:

You all may get tired of seeing me talk about the taco villa cake but I couldn’t be any happier with that creation! I’ve been baking for nearly 10 years for 7 of those years I’ve turned it into my little business and no other cake has blown up the way that one did. It has over 1000 shares and 78000 views and it’s still growing I’d never expect for this to happen I have people from all over messaging me about it and it truly is an honor for me ❤️ I’ve shared my entire career and life with most of you you’ve all seen me unfold and reach this point from the beginning most of you have been a part of this journey from day one and I couldn’t thank you all enough I’ve met some pretty amazing people along the way who have always trusted me and supported my dreams.

Here's the original video of the cake, so you can see all angles of its glory.

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