It's no secret how much people love Texas Roadhouse, and that love clearly extends to the staff.

A former employee shared a funny and heartfelt goodbye to her beloved restaurant after two years of employment and the video has now been viewed over 1.6 million times.

How she managed to leave those rolls and butter behind is a total mystery to me, but it's nice to know that the company takes great care of its employees. Most of the quitting videos you come across on TikTok don't share the same warm experience that his woman had. She even talks to employees from other restaurant locations in the comments and tells them not to quit because she misses it so much.

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Our new Texas Roadhouse location will be in the old Toys R Us building across from the South Plains Mall, which is great because the restaurant's current parking lot is way too small for all of the love that the restaurant gets from our city each day. Parking can be an absolute nightmare, and now we can all rest easy and chomp down on rolls together like one big happy family. Woot!

If you're looking for employment, I'd got out on a limb and say that Texas Roadhouse seems like a pretty solid place to start. I knew a meat cutter there who loved that coveted position and always spoke kindly of the staff and management. Great business comes from the top down and there's nothing better than enjoying every single minute of what you do for a living. I'll definitely be in line for the grand opening of the new Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock. See ya there!

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