Meet Asio, a SuicideGirl who loves Coke, shopping and can’t live without panties.

Name: Asio

Age: 24

Location: Germany

Into: Coca-Cola, Japan, cats, nerds, video games, tattoos, talking to interesting people, sleeping all day long, breakfast in bed, fashion, listening to music, singing under the shower and looking evil(ly?) at people who want to sit next to me in the bus.

Not into: Snobs, closed-minded people, guys who should just shut their mouths before saying something unnecessary and having nothing to do.

Makes me happy: Shopping, sweets and cuddling.

Makes me sad: Being apart from the ones I love.

Hobbies: Cosplay, sewing, modeling and eating.

5 things I can’t live without: My cats, Coca-Cola, my octopus plushie, Internet and panties.

Vices: I bite my nails really bad but I’m trying to get better! And I’m a reaaaaally huge Potterhead. Beware of my massive amount of ‘Potterknowledge.’

I spend most of my free time: writing fan fiction, sewing clothing or Cosplay, looking at pretty things on the internet, cuddling my kitties and boyfriend or just staring in the sky.

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