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Things always go a little crazy in Lubbock when it snows. Make sure you're not left out in the cold with this handy survival guide for winter weather in the Hub City.


  • 1

    Winter gloves

    Keep those fingers frost-free. A good pair of winter gloves will make sure your hands stay toasty and able to tackle the rest of the things a snowstorm brings.

    OZERO via Amazon
  • 2

    Snow shovel

  • 3

    Ice scraper

    Getting ice off your car or truck's windshield is a huge pain...unless you have an ice scraper. Then, it's just a normal pain. You'll definitely want one with a brush on it so you can get rid of loose snow.

    AmazonBasics via Amazon
  • 4

    Snow boots

  • 5


    Not only will it keep your face warm, it'll make you look like a ninja. Bonus.

    ROTTO via Amazon
  • 6

    Warm Blankets

    It doesn't hurt to have an extra blanket or three. God forbid your heater goes out. Also, who doesn't love snuggling under a warm blanket, blizzard or not?

    Bedsure via Amazon