You don't have to be a sports fan to know that the NFL has come under fire in recent weeks for how it has handled (or failed to handle) its players committing all kinds of heinous crimes. Although this is a very serious matter that has football fans deeply troubled and concerned about the future of their favorite sport, it's certainly not above satire, which is where 'SNL' comes in.

Forgive that headline, by the way. But how could we possibly resist?

The set-up is simple enough: we're watching the pre-show before a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the South Carolina Panthers and, as usual, there's a montage of the players speaking directly to the camera. Except this time, each of them is required to reveal whatever awful crime they've committed recently, which they do with straight-faced relish. Practically every male 'SNL' cast member pops up here playing multiple characters and guest host Chris Pratt blends right in.

Naturally, the list of crimes begins realistically enough (assault and what-not), but it quickly escalates to crimes that go beyond anything that we've actually seen in the NFL. Well, unless there actually is a football player out there who really is a secret Somali pirate.

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