Heisman Trophy Winner and Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel is currently under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly taking payments for his autograph.

Outside the Lines from ESPN reports that a broker on the East Coast alleges that Manziel took $7,500 in exchange for 300 autographs last January. You can read the ESPN story here.

Clay Travis of Outkickthecoverage.com and FOXSports.com writes on the investigation,

Enough reasonable people have started to ask a question that has been hanging in the air for decades — why should players make billions for the NCAA and the colleges they play for while making nothing themselves? After all, we don't require Taylor Swift to sing in the Vanderbilt chorus for three years — while recording albums that the school profits off — before she's allowed to turn professional. The storming of the college football Bastille has begun.

Should the NCAA suspend Manziel? Is the NCAA out of line to potentially suspend Manziel if they can't prove money wasa exchanged? Vote in out poll and sound off.

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