With COVID-19 surging in various parts of the country and sports cancelling, starting and stopping all around, Seattle Seahawks player Kemah Siverand got busted for trying to sneak a guest into the training facility.

Of course, that's against the rules. In any normal year, that would be against the rules. But this year, with everything going on, it's an incredibly selfish move by the young and undrafted rookie. Yes, rookie. Who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to make an NFL roster and then throws it all way for a night playing dominoes with a lady friend?

(It probably wasn't for dominoes.)

The story gets better, though. Well, for us it does. Worse for him, probably.

So who would be stupid enough to break protocol in the middle of a pandemic, putting not only his teammates' health at risk, but also the Seahawks season and maybe the entire NFL?

A Texas A&M Aggie. That's who.

Not only did Siverand get his undergrad at Texas A&M, but he doubled down on stupidity and was a grad transfer to Oklahoma State.

From the Tulsa World: "Kemah Siverand, a former four-star recruit who spent the last three seasons at Texas A&M, announced his intent Friday to transfer to Oklahoma State as a graduate transfer."

I would like to see what Seahawks gear she was dressed in. Maybe a Seahawks mask? Whatever it was, it didn't work. Now, Siverand is out of the NFL and unlikely to get another job after showing incredibly poor decision-making skills.

I do know one Seahawks rookie that won't be cut before the season starts:

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