Given the short-lived nature of British TV and the increasingly busy careers of 'Sherlock' stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, fans of the modern detective drama were overjoyed recently to learn that 'Sherlock' season 3 would begin production in the coming weeks, and likely debut this winter. Now, 'Sherlock' fans may have even more reason to celebrate, as Cumberbatch has confirmed the development of a fourth cycle, and potentially more to come!

The BBC's worldwide hit 'Sherlock' may have ended its best episodes to date with the apparent deaths of both Sherlock Holmes' greatest villain and the detective himself, but that isn't stopping the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman-starring series from looking beyond the upcoming third season. Speaking to the UK's RadioTimes, Cumberbatch revealed in a recent interview that both he and Freeman had already signed for a fourth season after the upcoming trio of episodes:

We've agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that. All I know at the moment is I'm doing these three [for series three] and another three.

Cumberbatch even went as far as to say that he'd be game to put on the 'Sherlock' coat for a fifth season and beyond, but it would heavily depend on the availabilities between he, Martin Freeman and showrunner Steven Moffat. If nothing else, season 4 is certainly more than the average 'Sherlock' fan had come to expect of the show's future.

What say you? Are you excited 'Sherlock' will make more brilliant deductions in a fourth season, after season 3 begins airing this winter? What Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories would you like to see updated for 'Sherlock's modern day? Give us your reaction in the comments!

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