The Red Raiders coaches and players have been using the hashtag #PACKTHEJONES this week in an effort to get more people out to the game between the Red Raiders and the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. It's not just the Red Raiders Coach Colby Carthel of SFA who also wants a packed crowd and great atmosphere in Lubbock today.

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Carthel even went so far as to challenge the Red Raiders at the beginning of the game saying if anyone can make a tortilla land at the Double T, he'd buy them a beer at the now-defunct Cowpokes bar.

As far as what needs to be done on while the game is going on, Coach Wells said the team would be focusing on self-improvement. There are certain things Texas Tech can improve upon. The offensive line looked suspect at times against the Houston Cougars. I think a lot of that can be improved upon by gelling as a unit and communication -- both during the play and pre-snap.

I also think the defensive line needs to be able to get consistent pressure if defensive Keith Patterson is relying on them to get to the QB. I hate the three-man rush as much as the next guy, but only when it doesn't work. If three men can do the job of four or five, then your defense gets even better on the back end.

I've made two predictions on scores this week, because I forgot I made the first one, but they were 52-13 and 56-10. I'll settle for anything around that for the game with the Red Raiders dominating for large stretches at time.

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