UPDATED March 26th, 2019: We heard back from Crystal Ghassemi from Dollar General's corporate office, and she had this to say: "Please note that we do not currently have any plans to add the self checkout option in the Lubbock area."

Looks like the local Dollar General manager was wrong; these things happen. Hopefully, Lubbock will be on the list eventually since plenty of folks want this.

ORIGINAL STORY: Have you ever had to wait in line at Dollar General, and wait...and wait and wait because there's only one cashier and a thousand customers in line?

Well, have no fear, Dollar General is adding self-checkout to all of their stores, including the Lubbock locations.

So in addition to expanding access to its DG GO! app, which allows users to scan their own items and pay with their phone at a kiosk, Dollar General will begin installing traditional self-checkout stations as well.

“The self-checkout option does not require a phone, as customers can scan and pay for items with little or no employee assistance,” Dollar General spokesperson Crystal Ghassemi told Coupons in the News. She said the number and exact locations of the first stores to get self-checkout stations has not yet been determined. But once Dollar General considers the feedback from those test stores, “we will determine the best plan for a broader rollout,” Vasos said.

I contacted a local Dollar General manager who told me on condition of anonymity that they've already been told the Lubbock locations will be getting the self-checkouts this year.

Hopefully, this will speed up the lines in Dollar General locations.

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