A popular southern seafood chain is making its first appearance in Lubbock.

Sam's Southern Eatery is set to open soon in the former location of Lee's Cafe (4919 34th Street) and will be offering up all manner of fried seafood and chicken entrees. I watched a slideshow that was just pictures of their food and got ravenously hungry immediately, although I find it charming and weird that the slideshow starts with green beans. Never bury the lede. Show us the Po' Boys!

This seafood eatery will open very soon, according to Sam's Southern Eatery's Facebook post:

Our location will be
4919 34th St
Lubbock, TX 79410
United States
Next to Dominos and subway!!
And we will be open around February-15th will keep u in post !

I know this is dumb, but I can tell I'm going to really like this place based on the way the pickles look. Good pickles = attention to detail and flavor. But I'm a pickle freak, so I may be biased.

Sam's is more than just catfish and chicken. They also offer oysters, crab cakes, tilapia, shrimp, chicken wings, gumbo, gizzards and burgers. Many of the seafood options are available fried or grilled. They also have a great selection of appetizers including one of my favorites that's rare around here: fried green tomatoes.

Also, very important...they carry Diet Dr Pepper. I always choose the option with Diet Dr Pepper. It's the best soda on planet Earth.

Welcome to Lubbock, Sam's!

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