It looks like another Lubbock restaurant has been beached.

Rockfish Seafood & Grill, which was originally located at the corner of The Loop & Slide Road by the South Plains Mall (where the new Jimmy's Egg is located), caught a wave to the other side of town earlier this year.

The restaurant had cast a net at 413 North University (not far from the Texas Tech University campus) and abruptly set sail this weekend. According to the manager, the move resulted in the store making a lot fewer clams than they were hoping.

This strange tuna events leaves Lubbock pretty much high and dry when it comes to fresh seafood offerings. Now, we'll have to find a new place to drop a line when we feel like checking out a seafood place just for the halibut.

Thank cod local favorites The Lone Star Oyster Bar and River Smith's are still around to satisfy some of our fish needs.

Bye, Bye, Rockfish. See ya later, chum. We seriously hope someone sends the waitstaff and cooks a life preserver; it's not their fault the move didn't work out.

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