In the Republican Primary for Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct 1, it may be headed to a runoff.

As of Wednesday morning at 6am, Terence Kovar finished with 50.02% (6,342 votes out of 12,680 total votes) of the vote, one vote more than necessary to win the primary election outright. Lee Ann Dumbauld finished in second with 42.93% (5,443 votes), and E. "Major" Garza finished in third with 895 votes; 7.06%.

If no additional votes are added for Dumbauld or Garza, then Kovar would win outright. But if Dumbauld or Garza receive any provisional, military, and/or mail-in ballots, then it could change the math and force a runoff between Terence Kovar and Lee Ann Dumbauld.

Additional information concerning this election is expected to be released by the Lubbock County Republican Party over the next week to 10 days.

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