Texas Tech's NCAA Lubbock Regional Sweep

Texas Tech ran roughshod through the competition this weekend, beating four-seed New Mexico State 9-2 on Friday before dismantling two-seed Louisville in two straight games with a combined final score of 21-10. That brings the weekend total to 30-12.

Texas Tech didn't get a shot at Kent State, but with the way Texas Tech played this weekend, they would have dispatched them, too.

If you disregard the Big 12 Tournament citing the poor historical record, then Texas Tech has now swept two straight weekends. Even with the Big 12 Tournament, Texas Tech is now 7-2 in their last nine games.

The Red Raiders are now looking forward to the Super Regional Round, where their opponent will either be Georgia and Duke.

If Duke comes to Lubbock, I think an Omaha trip is inevitable.

If Texas Tech goes to Georgia, I think that an Omaha trip is likely.

Bottom line is, Texas Tech is playing really, really good baseball right now, and it looks like they're getting hot at the right time. It's always better to be hot than good. It just so happens that Texas Tech is both, which is a dangerous combination.

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