Rangers southpaw pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, donated their mansion and over 100 acres of land in Missouri to Camp Barnabas, which is a charity that provides camps for children with special needs and illnesses.

The mansion listed at over 9 million dollars and had not been moved into. When Hamels was traded to the Rangers at the trade deadline in 2015 he and his wife moved to Texas and never into the mansion. Instead of having it just go to waste they have both decided that someone else could use it more.

"Seeing the faces, hearing the laughter, reading the stories of the kids they serve; there is truly nothing like it," he said in a statement. "Barnabas makes dreams come true, and we felt called to help them in a big way."

I love seeing this in sports, Hamels who is making millions and millions of dollars giving back in a huge way. You can tell that the materialistic things in his life do not consume him and make him a selfish person. Hamels didn't have to do this, he could of just made a monetary donation to the charity and been done with it. With this donation, it will give the kids a place to be and not have to worry about whatever ailment they have. Good on you Cole Hamels.

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