Queen of Tarts -- Lubbock, Texas

You can now find incredible pastries, breads, cheeses and treats at the brand new Queen of Tarts Bakery and Cheese Shop in Melonie Square at 82nd and Indiana.

They just opened their doors for the first time ever, and we were there to take in the impressive experience. Not only do they serve up delicious made-from-scratch baked goods, but their gourmet cheeses will surprise you in the best way.

I sampled cheese with lavender and espresso. Wow -- who knew? I've always been a cheese lover, but I'm ready to step up my game and become a cheesemonger. They even have classes on that coming up.

I spoke with Ellen, the Social Media and Catering Director at Queen of Tarts.

"Everything you see here is homemade," she told me. "We have tons of different styles of bread, we have french-made tarts, danishes, Mexican Wedding cookies...anything you can think of and there's so much heart poured into it and it's sooo delicious. There's not a whole lot like this that you can find in Lubbock. We're also the only cheese shop that offers cheese from around the world in Lubbock. So you can come in and taste whatever cheese that you want."

She told us the restaurant, King Streetwhich will be a fine-dining experience, opens next Tuesday night. "We'll have like tons of delicious steaks," she said. "She has a 44-ounce Tomahawk steak on her menu...she does a lot of eclectic style southern dining."

Ellen said they would have Dr. Good's coconut cake, and some of the bakery's other desserts available in the restaurant.

The owners are from the Amarillo and Lubbock area, and their previous ventures include Manna Bread and Wine and The Pickle and the Pig.

"We like to be a family here and raise a family and cook with our hearts instead of our brains," she said.

"The Bakery and Cheese shop comes just from the heart of our owner, Sally Good," Ellen explained. "She's been baking at home... just since she was a child, and you can see... like everything is so beautiful and she was finally like 'you know what i'm going for it', this is where her heart is. and so that's why everything is so perfectly crafted and how the bakery looks so homey and comfortable because it comes from her heart."

Featured items include Coconut Rum Cake with lemon glaze, which has already been a big hit in Lubbock.

"She also like to focus on her French-made pastries, her croissants are completely made from butter...so good...fluffy and crisp and very delicious, her sourdough is another feature favorite," she said. "It's the only two ingredient-sourdough that we know of in Lubbock, and she has been perfecting the sourdough recipe for almost six months."

The chef is also making house-made sauces. Their Victorian Sauce Company will be served through out the restaurant and jarred and sold in the bakery.

Phenomenal homemade crackers are designed to pair with the cheeses on their cheese and charcuterie boards (that can include cured meats), are perfect for parties. And we are happy to report that Queen of Tarts is available for catering.

Congratulations to Queen of Tarts on a tremendous job. Don't miss this unique and amazing gem. You can visit their Facebook page for updates and more details. Enjoy!

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