Have some questions for the people at Premiere Cinemas?  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we eat and drink in the theatre?

Yes! If you order food or beverage you will be issued a pager which will go off when the waiter is delivering to the auditorium door.

What is a D-BOX?

D-BOX is known as Fourth Dimension Motion seating, which interacts with the movie. D-BOX is like 4-D, you sit in your own reserved hydraulic computer-controlled seat which is programmed to move with the soundtrack of the movie, putting you in the middle of the action! Feel the explosions, the car chases, the airplane taking off! It’s like nothing else!

What is IMAX?

IMAX is the biggest, brightest dual-projector system in the world, and the Lubbock IMAX is the largest indoor movie screen in West Texas! Only IMAX digitally enhances and re-formats every movie to maximize the picture and sound quality, providing audiences with the most dynamic and immersive movie-watching experience on earth. Seeing Is Believing!

Do you offer any week day specials?

Premiere Cinemas offers college and military discounts on Wednesdays, and Happy Hour Monday on Friday from 4pm-6pm - with specials on beer, wine, margaritas, specialty drinks, and appetizers.

Do you offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, FREE of charge!
Do you have the capabilities for custom parties?

Yes, we offer group discounts and private showings - with numerous packages to choose from!  Use one of our private birthday party rooms, or the entire upstairs Balcony Bar overlooking our massive lobby for a great customized event for your group!

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