Talking to women is easy (for most of us) but actually figuring out where they all hang out can sometimes prove to be the difficult part. We’re not talking about nighttime or weekends, that's easy; where are the women during working hours? After all hot girls earn a living too.

Hitting on women in the noontime hour is often a no-lose situation – it’s almost like a speed dating event without all of that pesky paperwork, if you know where to go.

Here are five places where you’re sure to find women during the workday -- the rest is up to you.

  • Shoe Stores

    This sounds incredibly stereotypical, but if women have at least five minutes of time to kill they will usually do it in a place of commerce -- a mall, a jewelry store and especially a shoe store. Don't believe us? In the average hour of lunch, a woman can try on up to 43 different pairs of shoes. Hit a local shoe retailer at lunch and you'll find young women, older women, older women trying to look young and vice versa, all of them browsing and shoving their feet into shoes that obviously won't fit but are too "adorbs" not to try on. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: Go to the men's section, grab any pair of shoes, walk up to an attractive woman and ask for her opinion.

  • The Gym

    This pick-up is a little harder to pull off, because monopolizing a woman’s time while she’s working out is going to take more than just a one-time flirt. Gym pick-ups involve some recon work and a few days (or possibly weeks) of hitting on her in 5-minute intervals. Think of this pick-up as an actual workout; you don’t just bench press the entire rack on the first attempt, do you? Ease into it until she feels comfortable talking to you, no matter how many days in row you’ve worn that too-tight FORT LAUDERDALE ’04 shirt. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: Wait until she’s taking a breather, walk over and ask her if she’s done with the 100-pound dumbbells. Trust us. It works every time.

  • Post Offices / Banks

    People still mail things, and they still need money -- the bank and post office are the places (shocking) to complete those tasks. Unfortunately, post offices and banks have failed to realize that people want to perform these tasks while at lunch, so they continue to send people on lunch breaks during the busiest part of the day. This means long lines of people (people meaning women) just standing around. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: Turn to the attractive woman behind you in line and complain about the long line. She’s sure to sympathize, because she’s standing in the same line. You have so much in common!

  • Events in Your Office Complex

    The people that charge your company rent to take up their office space sometimes feel the need to host events where all of their tenants can mingle. Ice cream socials, Jack-O-Lantern contests and other boring activities are hosted in the lobby of your own office building. This is a great chance to not only meet babes in your own office, but women in other companies in the same complex. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: Offer to help organize the events, or if you’re lazy, just show up at lunchtime and compliment all the ladies on their amazing pumpkins. The pumpkins they carved.

  • Bars

    A bar? At lunch? Who drinks at lunch? Plenty of people of both genders hang out in bars during the day, because not everyone works the same shift, or you know, works at all. Let’s not forget the attractive bartenders and wait staff who work the day shift; those women are also fair game. Stick to bars at chain restaurants, because people at regular bars in the middle of the day are just actual drunks. HOW TO PULL IT OFF: Sit down. Order a drink. Talk to someone.


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