Is there a condiment that you always load up on and then hoard?

For me, it’s the “Hot Sauce” from Taco Casa. I’ll put that stuff on damn near anything. In fact, while I haven’t tried it, I’m pretty sure I could drink it. We always have several packets in a drawer in our kitchen.

BuzzFeed recently asked readers to vote for their favorite condiment at six national fast food chains. Here are the results:

For McDonald’s, “Sweet N’ Sour” sauce received the most votes, with “Big Mac Sauce” coming in second. I have to admit to being a sucker for a Big Mac and the sauce is a big reason for that.

“Chipotle Southwest” sauce was voted best at Subway, followed by a two-way tie between “Honey Mustard” and “Sweet Onion.”

The biggest surprise on the list for me was Taco Bell, with their “Mild” sauce getting the most votes. I’m personally a big fan of their “Fire” sauce.

KFC’s "Finger Lickin' Good Sauce" topped their “Ranch” and Honey Barbecue” sauces on the list.

Not surprisingly, Chick-fil-A’s classic "Chick-fil-A Sauce" dominated voting, getting 44% of votes. Their classic sauce is almost as popular as the classic sandwich itself.

When it comes to Chipotle, their guacamole ranked first, followed by their sour cream.

I’m sure this list will inspire heated online debate, so let the “Great Condiment War of 2020” begin!

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