I think Patrick Mahomes got in some hot water with Adidas after the Final Four game.

Let's investigate:

This was in the Final Four game between Texas Tech and Michigan State. Notice the Under Armour logo on the sleeve of Mahomes.

That wouldn't normally be a problem, but Mahomes is an Adidas sponsored athlete. So wearing another brand in front of 72,000 screaming fans and millions of people on television is probably a no go.

Fast forward to the National Championship game and Patrick Mahomes is in a pickle. I'm not saying that Adidas reached out to Mahomes to tell him not to wear Under Armour, the official athletic sponsor of Texas Tech, but based on Mahomes outfit on Monday night it's not a wild assumption.

Take a look at Mahomes chest, the handwritten Adidas logo is totally applied by hand on some athletic tape and sharpie and placed directly of the iconic Under Armour logo.

Beautiful job from Mahomes and it's hardly noticeable through the zeroes at the end of his Adidas contract.

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