1st Round NFL pick Patrick Mahomes may have gone off to be a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, but his head and his heart are still at home in East Texas.

Today Whitehouse ISD, his alma mater, shared an amazing video led by Coach McFadden. The word of the week for the Wildcats, he explains, is 'noble'. Coach talks about making everyone next to you better and helping those who are lost find the light. Definitely something I learned when I played football in high school and a very valuable lesson.

Capping his speech, we learn that former Wildcat Patrick Mahomes wanted to help Whitehouse players who couldn't afford football cleats. But he decided to up the ante and instead bought the whole team cleats.

Coach goes on to say this is not to glorify Patrick. "But we are here to honor what he did. Y'all with me?".

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