Very few musical geniuses come along in a generation, and Ked Woodley is no exception.

What Woodley lacks in music and production skills he more than makes up for in heart and incredible panther noises.

Ken Woodley is a hero. A lyricist is born not taught and Woodley has been hiding a poet beneath his super fan exterior. He dominates his foes.

He also made me fall in love with the panther rawr. Which I used to hate.

For the record, Woodley's panther growl is not just some generic growl pilfered from Planet Earth or some Nat Geo special on Discovery Channel. Woodley is a true panther that has spent years learning how to spell Delhomme and mimicking the worst stadium sound in NFL History.

If you don't know what I'm talking about:

This God forsaken sound is played after every touchdown and first down. And, presumably any other time Cam Newton gives a kid a football.

The noise wasn't so bad when Derek Anderson led the charge for the Panthers but with the leading offense in the NFL the rawr is played ad nauseam.

They should replace that sound with Kenneth Woodley's majestic throaty, yet ethereal, version.

I'm certain this is what Cam Newton was rocking in his headphones before the NFC Championship game and I'm sure it will be bumping before the Super Bowl next week.

Heck, I bet Cam hasn't even turned it off.

Here he is dancing to it.

Getty Images Grant Halverson

Here he is thinking about how fire the track is.

Getty Images - Grant Halverson

Here he is being introspective on how the rawr effects him personally.

Getty Images - Grant Halverson

The most important thing to Cam though is that it's a great song to dab to.

Getty Images - Streeter Leeka

Ken Woodley is the man.