"It's that time of the year again." Paul Stawarz began with a broad smile on his face.

Stawarz is excited for the opportunities this year brings. He's got a lot of opportunities to lead being penciled in as the starting center after winning the job in the spring, "The biggest thing is getting everyone on the same page." Stawarz said about his duties.

He knows Coach Jones will teach them the scheme, "He has us in the right spots its up to us to execute." Stawarz said of his new offensive line Coach, "We have to trust what he's taught us. Have confidence in it, playing as one unit."

Stawarz also had some positive things to say about his new quarterback Nic Shimonek, "People don't realize how smart he is." Stawarz continued, "He's been a great leader for us. I'm really excited to see how he does."

When speaking about the new locker room and the Double T being taken away Stawarz talked about not taking things for granted, "I'm grateful for the things we have." He also said that the team realized they need to do things differently to be successful, "Things need to change and we've all realized that. We're not focused on the past."

Stawarz waxed poetic about the fans in Lubbock, "The fans are unreal. The energy they bring, how loud it gets." He finished by saying there's no place like the Jones.

Amen, Paul. Amen.

2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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