Okay, so recently I put the wraps to Season 2 of Netflix's Cheer and explored the deep Texas Tech connections. While exploring the Texas Tech transfers from Navarro College, some questions came up.

One of the stars of the show, Morgan Simianer, was shown in the stands at Texas Tech, and someone asked the question, "why aren't you cheering at Texas Tech?"  Then there was the question if Maddy Brum had left Navarro or was she doing double-duty (hold on here if you're lost)?

Now we know why no one was talking.

It was revealed last week (and flew under our radar) that those two and some other favorites from the Netflix show are now part of a Cheer Live production. That production is hitting Amarillo on Tuesday, June 7th.

Where things get really interesting is the fact that this is not bound by collegiate rules and they can have anybody they want on the team, including Simianer, who used up her eligibility at Navarro. Where this gets super-interesting is that they also picked up Angel Rice and DeVonte 'Dee' Joseph, two of the biggest stars of their rivals Trinity Valley.

Also included in the production are cheerleading superstar Gabi Butler and Navarro coach Monica Aldama.

This could get interesting. Aldama’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars factored into the storylines in Season 2 of Cheer, so the question is, will this tour factor into a possible Season 3 of the show? A Season 3 has not yet been announced, but if the Netflix series is popular enough to take on the road, you'd think that a third season is on the way.

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