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Wednesday was a big day for division one college baseball as the Division I Committee for Legislative Relief met and agreed to pass many measures that'll give all the program's relief.

According to Kendall Rogers, the Co-Managing Editor of the committee agreed to pass three major measures that include:

  1. No more 35-man roster capacity, there will be no limitation.
  2. The annual number of players that are eligible to be on scholarship increases from 27 to 32.
  3. No longer will there be a 25% scholarship minimum.

These measures will only be in place during the 2020-2021 season but it will allow programs to more smoothly transition out of a difficult situation which the coronavirus pandemic put them in by shortening and eventually canceling the 2020 season.

The feeling was, according to Rogers on, that the first two measures would pass but doing away with the 25% scholarship minimum was a bit of surprise.

That particular measure was put together and presented by the Pac 12 Conference, this will allow programs to reallocate their scholarship money and spread it out as best they see fit. With the roster cap eliminated for the year that measure will be important to offer at least some money to many different players.

There was another measure that was proposed but was not passed and that involved increasing the scholarships baseball was allowed from 11.7 to 13.7. As also reported by Kendall Rogers via Twitter it was proposed by the Southeastern Conference:

I wish that scholarship increase would have passed, it's something that definitely needs to happen in the very near future along with adding another paid assistant coach.

However, with the measures that were passed this is in fact a big day for college baseball and should certainly provide some much-needed wiggle room for programs all across the country.

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