At this point, I don't care if Texas Tech plays in board shorts as long as they play.

Texas Tech football has revealed its new uniforms in a hype tweet. The uniforms themselves look a little unfinished to me, just kind of bland and without distinction. Then again, those looks can take on a different aura when the whole team suits up in this old school manner.  Also, no disrespect, but I'd like to see what the uniforms look like on some of the bigger players as well.

What IS awesome is that they were revealed in a hype tweet that uses one of the Bane speeches from the last Batman movie. This adds a very fresh spin to things after everybody and their pony has been releasing these type videos with some type of rap song in the background.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on hip-hop; but that's what EVERYBODY is doing, so this is very creative and busts the mold.

So the only question that does remain is, will Texas Tech get to USE these new uniforms this year? It's looking like pre-season is a little up in the air. Mask up, and maybe we can get some fans in the stands.

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