Yes, the future has finally landed in Lubbock.

I visited Austin last year and thought it was crazy that Walmart of all places had spaces for electric cars to charge. It's a really weird sight at first -- and it also makes you wonder how many spaces are going to be saved for people other than you.

An astute listener picked up on the fact that the new Best Buy in the West End Center (located at 2420 West Loop 289) has embraced this new technology. I guess it only makes sense that a technology store would be apart of this kind of king. I don't know at this time if this is going to be a thing throughout the West End Center or not.

It's very interesting to think that someday these may be as common as the cars themselves. Then again, they could also go the way of phone booths as cars become able to hold higher charges and fewer opportunities for remote charging are needed.

The new Lubbock Best Buy store is now open.

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