National Hot Dog Day is on Wednesday, July 17th. So if you need an excuse, other than hot dogs are delicious, to have a hot dog, now you have one.

To highlight National Hot Dog Day, the website set out to find what our favorite toppings are. One answer may surprise you. According to a poll of just over 1,000 people, 33% said mustard was their favorite hot dog topping. That, probably isn't surprising. The second answer might be though. 30% of respondents said ketchup was their favorite hot dog topping.

Ketchup surprises me because it seems people get angry if you are an adult putting ketchup on, well anything other than fries. Below are the full results of the toppings question.

  • Mustard – 33%
  • Ketchup – 30%
  • Onions – 11%
  • Relish – 10%
  • Coleslaw – 6%
  • Cheese – 5%
  • Chili – 2%
  • Other – 3%

You can see more about the poll and see some great hot dog deals on the website.

No matter what your favorite topping is, embrace it and enjoy it on National Hot Dog Day this Wednesday.

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