If you're in the market to commit a felony, you've got to get creative these days. With tons of weird crimes already on the books like the NHL dude who was arrested while wearing a Teletubby costume or the guy who was caught cooking pot pie in his tightie whities, it's hard to be original. We've recently come across a law-breaking situation that's pretty refreshingly unique, though. Keywords: naked guy, terrified Chihuahua and laundry.

Down in Alabama, Dennis Fielder and accomplice Enola Hodgin recently decided to break into a neighbor's home while she was away They allegedly stole around $3,000 worth of stuff while there. Okay, boring, but stick with us. When the lady came home, the guy was reportedly sitting on her couch butt naked, holding her Chihuahua. What he was doing with the dog, we're not entirely sure, but the assumed reason he was hanging out naked is because he was doing a load of laundry there while charging a few pornos to her cable bill.

The nude dude and his lady friend fled the scene, although the clothes he left behind offered cops pretty valuable clues as to who the Chihuahua cuddler was.

Even though the couple isn't the smartest of criminal duos, at least they had a good naked time with a dog and some pornos, right?

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