There's nothing quite like the shock of unexpected nudity, especially when it meets you at the front door around 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning.

Several Lubbock residents were shocked to find a completely naked man walking around their neighborhood and knocking on doors this past weekend. The man was said to have been behaving erratically and jittery, but told the police he was NOT on narcotics, according to an article by Everything Lubbock.

It isn't clear from information involving the case as to whether or not the man, identified as Cody Lynn Lewis, was in fact on some kind of drugs or was suffering a mental health episode. Whichever the case, let's hope that he gets the help that he needs.

Lewis was said to only have been wearing shoes when he was seen wandering around 3rd Street and Temple Avenue. He reportedly told police that someone had told him to take off his clothes and go walk outside, which is a pretty strange request.

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The man is actually pretty lucky nothing terrible happened. Lots of folks around town keep guns for safety, and finding a grown man, completely naked and standing right there on the porch, might feel like a pretty good reason to reach for one.

Note to self: Don't use drugs, take care of your mental health and refrain from knocking on your neighbor's doors in the nude, no matter how much fun it sounds like it might be. It's clearly not ideal. Maybe he was just trying to celebrate National Moon Day, which is today, July 20th, a little bit early by mooning us all...and then some.

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