So exactly what kind of bird is this?

I've heard a different number of opinions on this bird in a Lubbock lake. The first person thought it was a pelican, then someone said egret, then stork and, of course, the comment about it being a weird duck is in jest.


My friend and local realtor, Elizabeth Welch, spotted the bird in the lake at Maxey Park. The bird certainly looks comfortable there and is clearly enjoying a delicious fish treat, but it still looks out of place with the usual waterfowl that we get in and around the Hub City.

The bird appears to about three times as big as the ducks, but neither it nor the ducks seem to be much impressed with that. It just goes about its business swimming and fishing like there's nothing unusual.

So, do you think it's a stork taking a break from delivering New Year's babies (yeah, that's really a thing kids)? It has a pretty impressive bill, but I don't think it's big enough to be a pelican. The problem is the exact opposite when you consider whether it's an egret, because they appear to have much slimmer bills.

I also looked at pictures of storks and it doesn't seem like that either. This leads me to one conclusion: it's the Loch Ness Monster on holiday in Lubbock.

So maybe you can provide us a guess on what this bird is and what it's doing hanging around Lubbock (maybe trying to get some Big E barbecue?).

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