There's been a lot going on with Buc-ee's and their first-ever store coming to Amarillo, but I guess we got it all wrong...kind of. It looks like there might already be a Buc-ee's set up in West Texas.

This isn't any old Buc-ee's, though. It's actually a mini-art replica of the beloved chain convenience store. As of right now, no one knows where the art installation came from or even who created it, but it's pretty great.

This location doesn't have any gas pumps, bathrooms or all the beloved favorite snacks; it's just a small building with a Buc-ee's sign on it. But it's still pretty awesome. The sign popped up in a remote spot when Facebook user Jose Lujan found it off of U.S. Highway 90 about 20 miles east of Marathon.

On April 2nd, Lujan posted to Facebook about the Buc-ee's location with two awesome pictures:

That same day, Matt Tumlinson took to Instagram to show off his own awesome picture at the Buc-ee's in Marathon, Texas. It seems like this might start blowing up now that people are finding out about it. Target is no more, but West Texas finally got a Buc-ee's.

According to CultureMap, executives at Buc-ee's don't even have a clue as to who set up the tiny Buc-ee's store.

"Buc-ee just recently becomes aware of the Buc-ee's art installation in west rural Texas. While we have not visited the site, we do wonder whether they are keeping up with Buc-ee’s meticulous 24/7 bathroom-cleaning standards," said Jeff Nadalo, Buc-ee's general counsel.

Before the small building donned the famous beaver face of Buc-ee's, it was adorned with the Target logo. It seems to be a spoof/homage of the world-famous mini-Prada replica store located in Marfa, Texas.

While I have yet to get out to Marathon to check out this mini-Buc-ee's for myself, I definitely want to now. It looks like this might be a fun new place to stop by and take pictures if you're driving out in West Texas.

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