The debate of whether or not to change the name of the Washington Redskins comes to the Lonestar State tonight with a mid-day protest.

As some might argue over "the wuss-ification of the NFL," the Dallas Cowboys battle the Washington Redskins tonight in Dallas. Native Americans from all over the state are being encouraged by the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas to gather outside AT&T Stadium to protest the Redskins name and demand it should be changed.

"When we all stand together as one, we also honor those before us and those to come after us,” said Yolanda Blue Horse, a member of the Lakota Nation. "The continued use of this negative word is not only derogatory, but it is offensive and we demand that the owner, Dan Snyder, stop using this racist word to promote his football organization."

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder continues to refuse the name change (a name that has been in use since 1933), citing tradition.

Is this a situation of over-sensitivity or do the protesters have a point here?

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