Robert Griffin III, the former Baylor standout, cleaned out his Washington Redskins locker Monday, January 11th, for what seemed like the last time.

Griffin got most of his play time this season at scout team safety and has been replaced by Kirk Cousins as the team's starting quarterback. As if the 2012 draft was foreshadowing the fall RGIII did not even last 3 rounds as the starting QB for the Redskins.

All indications are that the former Heisman winner won't return to Washington.

He declined to speak to reporters Monday when he cleaned out his locker but he did leave a piece of his mind behind:

I think the things left behind are intentional. It's not like he was filling up his box and it got full right before this sheet of paper could go in. RGIII does not think he's going back to Washington but where will he be in 2016? On an NFL roster? Playing more scout team safety?

I don't think Griffin's NFL career is over. I do think he will be in a new uniform next season. It could be a few more years before he puts the clipboard down.

The obvious destination for Griffin is the Dallas Cowboys with obvious ties to Texas having played in the state both in high school and collegiately. The Cowboys have an obvious need at quarterback. Backup quarterback.

Tony Romo will be back in 2016 and beyond but 2015 taught us that he is not immortal and the Romo Era will end and may already be over.

The Cowboys have 2 choices for their back up quarterback. The draft or free agency. I guess door number 3 is that the backup is already on the roster but if that is the case I would be very surprised.

I'm satisfied with Kellen Moore as a 3rd string guy who provides depth, but he is not the answer for a true back up role. Matt Cassel will never be the long term solution as a starter. He never has been. He never will be.

With the "winning window" closing rapidly with Romo I would rather get a free agent you believe can win in this league to back him up and spend valuable draft picks on a running back or a wide receiver and or at a number of spots on defense.

If the Cowboys are truly in win now mode they will look to sign a veteran back up who provides a similar skill set to Tony Romo and that player is Robert Griffin III. He is an accurate arm with moderate to above average escapability. There should be no added packages for read option or bootlegs beyond what is asked of Romo.

The other main factor is health. When healthy as a rookie RGIII was dynamic as a passer, he has now had plenty of time to heal and looks to regain some of the former glory that he attained as a rookie.

If RGIII can be that player I'm 100 percent behind him being a Cowboy.

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