At some point or another, we've all thought about a side hustle.

You know, a way to make a few extra bucks on the side doing what you enjoy...well, a Mom just found out that her side hustle is a bit too risque for her kids' school.

Crystal Jackson is a married, 42-year-old mom of three who decided with her husband to spice up her life by posting nude pictures and videos to a subscriber-based OnlyFans page under the alias "Mrs. Poindexter."

According to CBS13 in Sacramento, several parents at Sacred Heart Parish, a Catholic School that Jackson's children attended, discovered Jackson's raunchy side business and complained to the school. Jackson was also a teacher's aide in her child's 2nd grade class.

The school decided that not only was Jackson no longer welcome at Sacred Heart, but her kids were expelled as well. The principal would not even allow the children to take any belongings that they had in class.

There are still many questions left unanswered.

For example, in the story, Jackson claims to make as much as $150,000 per month selling her naughty pics and videos to subscribers. That's $1.8 million per year. Is that accurate? Can you really make that much selling nudes and other material like that online? For $1.8 million, I'd walk up and down Loop 289 daily, completely naked. Just sayin'.

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Also, wouldn't she and her husband (who is also her photographer and kinda looks as skeevy as they come) know that a Catholic school just might take issue with this sort of thing?  Although, honestly, it's not the kids' fault that mom and dad like to show people exactly where her kids came from for cash. They're innocent in this. However, you can only imagine the teasing and ridicule that her kids are set to receive, now that their Mom's alter ego has been to speak.

One would imagine that if worse comes to worse, Mrs. Poindexter can always homeschool her kids. After all, she can certainly teach them a lot about economics.

UPDATE: The plot thickens, as it's now been reported according to CBS13 Sacramento, that 2 additional children have been expelled over the scandal, and their father...the school's Athletics Director...has been relived of his duties over his connection with "Mrs. Poindexter" and her OnlyFans site. There is no word as to what exactly that connection may be.

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