To be honest, I think Mike Leach is boring. I know. People think his quirky, off-the-wall style is hilarious and wildly entertaining. Even with mediocre teams, his personality often elevated his standing just because people want to see what happens next. But as far as I'm concerned, the Mike Leach press conference bit has been played out.

Until now, that is.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you locked an insane man with a genius intellect and a fascination with himself into an empty room for 10 weeks? That's exactly what we're on pace for with these zoom calls in Starkville.

No one to follow up in-person. No one to cut him off with another question. The facial expressions alone on this zoomed-in camera angle will be well worth the price of admission.

The best part of this zoom call is about 11 and a half minutes in when Leach can't hear the question from the media member. Leach says: "I see the mouth, I can't hear, there's no words," before giving a classic leach facial expression trying to see who's talking to him.

This isn't an all-time Leach moment, but it's a great preview into some of the antics we're in store for this season as Mike Leach battles Zoom calls all season long. The postgame presser after their game against LSU this weekend will be our next adventure with Leach.

Texas Tech vs Texas Tailgating (2018)

Texas Tech vs Texas Tailgating (2018)


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